Growing old. We don’t seem to think about it that much. Strange, because we are growing older and the number of elderly increases. In 2060, nearly five million people will be 65+. On average, we still have around 22 years to live after that. In that last part of our life, we want to continue doing the things that are important to us as much as possible. But how are we going to do that, knowing we’ll have to live independently for much longer, more and more caretakers are needed and our care needs will become ever more complex? With smart and hopeful solutions!

Together with Kennisland and with financing of @minvws [Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport], Vandejong initiated the national Leven Lang Leven [Life Long Living] challenge, in which we look for innovative ideas for when we’ll be old and in need of care. . How do you imagine it to be? Share your idea After all, you’re only old once.

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For Van De Jong⠀⠀⠀⠀

Animated by Mitchel Tan⠀⠀